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  • Failure to Launch?!?!

    Wednesday, November 21, 2012   /   by Ladd Gasparovic

    Failure to Launch?!?!

    Young adults are finally leaving their homes and buying houses!!   Not only is this great news for parents (some of whom have probably been counting down the days!), but it's great news for our national market and out local Wilmington, NC real estate market.  


    In his blog article today, Steve Harney from the KCMBlog.com updates his previous article and confirms that his earlier assumption that kids would finally "leave the nest" is correct.  


    He writes that “Americans are setting up house at the fastest rate in more than six years, an indication that recession anxiety, which prompted adult children to move in with their parents and single people to postpone marriage, is starting to ease…"

    Check out the full article here: