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    Sunday, February 16, 2014   /   by Julie A. Reisner

    Bathrooms on a Budget? NO WAY!!!

    This is an amazing article I found on HGTV on how to update your bathroom on a budget. I love the ideas and didn't realize that some of these amazing 'spas' could be mine! 
    Check it out here: http://goo.gl/PVrrBQ
    Call me if you are thinking about buying or selling your home in Wilmington. I'll get my experts right on it!
    Julie Reisner
    Concierge, Team Gasparovic/Keller Williams

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    Sunday, February 9, 2014   /   by Julie A. Reisner

    What kind of counter top surface should I choose?

    Choosing the right countertop for your kitchen can be a task. Check out the basics of these countertop materials to help you select the right one for your space. By Farima Alavi
    Check out this interesting article by HGTV about the Top 10 Favorite Kitchen Countertop Materials. My favorite is concrete! If I was crafty I would try this at my house!
    Julie Reisner
    Concierge, Team Gasparovic/Keller Williams

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    Saturday, February 8, 2014   /   by Julie A. Reisner


    I am so excited for the At Home/Garden Ridge Store to open in my town! I don't know if you have ever been to one but it is great home decorating stuff very reasonably priced! I know there isn't one in Wilmington, but youc an find one in Raleigh if you get there soon! 
    With spring - hopefully - coming soon, I am excited about all their neat garden furniture and fun outdoor fabrics to brighten up my patio! I also found this article on Realtor.com by Clarie Moore that talks about choosing plants with coloful foliage! http://www.realtor.com/home-garden/gardening/gardening-basics/colorful-foliage.aspx
    How about you? Are you looking to make an update or perhaps a move this spring in Wilmington?
    If so, I would be honored to work with you!
    Give me a call at 910-632-0479!

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    Tuesday, February 4, 2014   /   by Julie A. Reisner

    So you decided to sell you house! GREAT!!!!

    Now comes the hard part - selecting a real estate agent to work with! Believe it or not, this is harder then deciding which offer to accept. 
    You want someone you trust enough to:
         Set the value (aka price) correctly on your home
         Understands what your motivation is for selling
         Empathizes that when a family decides to move, it is sometimes a difficult decision, and so they treat that with respect
    When an agent comes to interview for the position, utilitze caution if they begin their interview by:
         Bragging about their success
         Bragging about their company's success
    An agent’s success and the success of their company can be important considerations when deciding on the right real estate professional to represent you in the sale of the house. However, you first need to know they care about what you need and what you expect from the sale. If the agent / ...

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